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My name is Nick Grey.

We set out to design a vacuum cleaner that would take everything you hate about vacuuming and make it disappear. The result is the AirRam, a new design of vacuum cleaner, that gives you high performance cordless cleaning without the weight of traditional upright vacuum cleaners.

We launched the AirRam in the UK in 2012 and so many people agreed that we accomplished our goal, that our company Gtech, has become the fastest growing vacuum brand in the UK^.

The AirRam, for the first time, is now available in the US.

Check out the customer reviews, read more about the AirRam, then try it for yourself.

We look forward to hearing that you have fallen in love.


Nick Grey

AirRam featured on HGTV's "I Want That!”
program on the DIY Network

It’s very easy to go
from hardwood
right to an area rug.”

Customer Reviews From Around the Web



    “Simply the best!”

    Love it to bits. I have few products from Gtech-But latest model beyond believe. How I lived without it? It makes your life so easier!

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    “Excellent performance”

    Can't believe how good this cordless vacuum cleaner is. It's a delight to use not heavy very maneuverable and well thought out.

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    “Best Vacuum Ever”

    I have had 5 different high-end vacuums. This is hands down my favorite.

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Why Choose AirRam

High Performance, Cordless Convenience

AirRam’s revolutionary design ensures high performance on carpet, hardwood and tiled floors whilst giving you all the convenience of being cordless: No more hunting for outlets or tripping over power cords.

Can I really have cordless high performance?
Yes. Many vacuum cleaners waste energy sucking the dirt through long tubes before spinning it around a cyclone. That isn’t very efficient. AirRam has been cleverly designed, only moving the dirt an inch and a half, before collecting it in the head of the vacuum. The AirRAM’s energy efficient design employs a combination of the brush bar, suction power and airflow to lift the dirt from floor or carpet, delivering high performance cordless cleaning throughout the home.

Edge cleaning technology
Some vacuums have a belt drive on one side, which can mean they may not clean as effectively on both sides. AirRam is different, it has a central drive allowing for bristles on both sides of the brush bar, to help you get into those awkward corners.

Ideal for Pet Hair
AirRam’s powerful rotating brush bars make it ideal for pet hair. AirRam not only picks up surface hair, but also does a great job of lifting troublesome embedded hair from your carpet.

High performance image
Moves Easily

Moves Easily

AirRam's revolutionary, lightweight design glides around your home, steering easily from left to right. Move effortlessly from carpet to hard-floors and back again with no setting to change.

AirRam has an ultra-low profile, allowing you to reach under chairs and tables.

AirRam’s cordless technology means no more fighting with tangled cords or electrical outlets.


Thanks to its revolutionary design, which does away with so many bulky parts, AirRam weighs just 7.7lbs. That’s more than 50% lighter than most leading upright vacuums, making AirRam easy to lift and carry up stairs.


Long Run-time, Worry-Free Battery

AirRam’s power comes from a professional-grade Lithium-ion battery and it’s covered by a two year warranty.

With its energy efficient design, AirRam gives you up to 40 minutes of cord-free cleaning. That’s enough to clean the average US home on a single 4-hour charge. If you need it, a 1-hour short charge will deliver a burst of additional cleaning time.*

An easy to read, 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery so you won’t be left wondering if you’re going to run out of power.

* Runtimes quoted may vary depending on floor surface cleaned.
Long Runtime image

Empty With Ease

Uniquely, AirRam collects the dirt in the head of the vacuum and compresses it. This has two benefits. Firstly, the bin has enhanced dirt storage capacity. Secondly, it's straightforward to empty: a removable tray lifts out and you just tip the dirt into the trash.

No expensive replacements
AirRam is bagless and it’s fitted with lifetime washable filters, meaning that there are no expensive replacements you need to buy.

Cleaner Emptying image

USB Connectivity

AirRam’s Data Bridge allows you to talk to your vacuum cleaner.‡

From your PC you can calculate the electricity you have saved, check the condition of the battery and even see how many calories you have burnt whilst cleaning.

Through the Data Bridge you can also find cleaning and usage information, get support from Gtech staff and leave feedback about your AirRam experience.

USB Connectivity image

^ GfK RT UK, Vacuum Cleaners GB, Value Sales, Jan-Dec 2013.

RISK-FREE Home Trial

Try the AirRAM in your home for 30 days and if you don’t fall in love, simply return it. We even pay to have it shipped back to us, so you won’t have to spend a dime.

  • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Return Shipping
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